The Wounds of Beauty | Available Now

The Wounds of Beauty: Seven Dialogues on Art and Education

Margarita Mooney Suarez

Cluny Media. 2022.

The Wounds of Beauty is host to an immersive symposium on beauty and its relationship to art and education. In these seven dialogues, Margarita Mooney Suarez speaks with: Peter Brown on how beauty shaped Christian civilization in late antiquity; George Harne on the rapport between music and beauty and the latter’s connection to other forms of knowledge; Sister Noëlla Marcellino, O.S.B., on the Benedictine Way and its pattern of authentic living as expressed in chant and cheesemaking; James Matthew Wilson on the imperative of beauty for happiness amidst the post-modern distortion of our capacities for creativity and innovation; David Clayton on the way of beauty as a path to cultural renewal; Francis X. Maier on the origins of the pessimism in contemporary education and on the power of beauty to cure it; and Dana Gioia on creative intuition in poetry and literature and the importance of the arts as the foundation of a thriving culture.

Following upon the success of The Love of Learning, Mooney Suarez’s initial volume of dialogues on the liberal arts, The Wounds of Beauty testifies to the essential place of beauty in the good life and confidently sets before its readers a path toward a more literate and more articulate future.